At RE-ENGINEERING FUTURES we experiment with technology foresights, game design, online learning tools and a number of other formats.

We possess the human resources and expertise to take the responsibility for the next steps. When we work with teams, we don’t draw a line at the closing session. We produce roadmaps, atlases, conduct pilot-projects in world’s regions. Some call us dreamers, and so we are. But we are also hard-boiled enough to take this responsibility for the future.

DIY foresight

We share the DIY foresight philosophy — and make our own tools. The Rapid Foresight (RF) method was created as we were testing new formats of working with education futures to support our operational and strategic decision-making. Numerous creative iterations later, Rapid Foresight evolved into an independent strategic foresight tool. Together with our game design and product/project design sessions based on strategic foresight roadmaps.

- We don’t see value in die-stamp solutions.

- We develop soft technologies which we have tested ourselves.

- We are happy to share, distribute, educate.

- We give out the fishing rod, not the fish.

We don’t simply publish foresights. We live them.

As a team of technology foresight practitioners, we are committed to the do-tank approach. We believe that our foresights need to translate into real change. As Alan Kay once noted, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Which is why we don’t expect change, we find a way to make it.

The vision for the future which we create during foresights leads to:
- strategic foresight literacy which the teams form as a result of collective effort

- real-life projects, which the teams create as they master the new set of skills

- start-ups and/or change management strategies for corporations & educational institutions

- policy-making initiatives & civil society action.

Education is the point. Breaking point.

We see education as the game changer. Our understanding of education is not limited to schools and universities. This is why we work with education foresights as part of start-up schools, foresight fleet* and corporate education formats. Our educational projects channel the soft technology capable of kick-starting real change.
*Foresight Fleet is a new format developed in Russia in 2012 to further gain unique momentum in 2013. Three to five hundred technology foresight & industry experts, investors & policy-makers leave for a 7 days cell-phone-free voyage. Dozens of intensive foresight sessions are conducted, visions for the future and real-life projects are kick-started as a result. The play-field for the Foresight Fleet 2013 was the Onega lake. The unique project brought together 520 participants, and is currently the largest future-awareness-building project in the world.