2007 — 2010

“Pre-foresights”: Metagaming sessions at the Moscow Institute of International Relations, Future4you Teachers Programme, RuCamp, iCamp 2008, 2009
Pre-foresights: first barcamp unconferences in Russia (RuCamp, iCamp 2008, 2009) — up to 1000 participants.

Future4you Teachers Programme — major teachers’ association 60000+ participants.

Moscow Institute of International Relations — 1000+ undergraduate & graduate students playing a large-scale distributed game focusing on the future of global diplomacy.

2010 – 2011

Education Foresight 2030 (EduCamp 2010 & other platforms)
At EduCamp 2010, we gathered 250 educators committed to innovative approaches to teaching to create the first version of Education Foresight 2030. The event served as the pilot platform for the Rapid Foresight method.


Higher Education Foresight 2030 & foresight-based strategic development projects for Russian universities
During the Steamship “Foresight” Project in 2012, 150 education experts gathered for a steamship voyage to develop a vision for the future of higher education in Russia.

We further used this foresight to support strategic policy-making at key Russian universities (e.g. Novosibirsk State University), as well as for the New Education Leaders (Future Rectors) programme of the Russian Ministry of Education & Science.

2013 — 2014

Global Report on Education Futures 2030 Russian Education Futures Report (in partnership with the National Research University—Higher School of Economics)
Global Education Futures Report 2030 emerged as a 200-pages synthesis & a global education futures map elaborated as a result of a set of expert sessions held from October 2012 to June 2013.

In its turn, Russian Education Futures Report featured 100 experts revising education foresights’ application to four education segments at the national level (children's learning apps & tools; school-level; university-level & continuing education).


Global Education Futures Forum – West & East
We are currently preparing a series of global education forums & foresight sessions, which will bring together around 500 leading international experts on education development & education futures to several sessions conducted in Russia, the US and Asia.
The first large forum, Global Education Futures – West, will be held in California in April 2015.

2011 — 2012

Human resources foresights: pilot projects for Russia’s automotive industry & Russian Government
For the first time Russia has seen comprehensive HR strategies elaborated for the automotive industry (project commissioned by Russia’s Ministry of Industry & Trade).

New skills, new training formats, new personnel recruitment & career advancement policy foresights were conducted with particular reference to the public service domain. Project was conducted as part of launching the Russian Open Government Initiative & further submitted to the President of the Russian Federation.

2012 — 2013

Skills Foresight 2030 (19 sectors of the Russian economy). HR strategies for aerospace & transportation sectors.
Skills foresight 2030 covered Russia’s 19 industries, it being the first project in Russia to feature comprehensive analysis of future skills needs in 11 high-tech sectors (ICT, biotech, energy, aerospace, transport, etc.), as well as 8 service sectors (housing & utilities, education, finance, etc.). The project was commissioned by Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science & conducted under the auspices of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Project resulted in a future career atlas (“Navigator through 100 Professions of the Future”) together with a number of multimedia career guidance solutions for students & parents.

2013 — 2015

G20-ILO Foresight Project: Skills Technology Foresight method elaborated (pilot projects in 2 countries)
2013: World Skills International, Foresight session for the Board of Directors
The G20-ILO Foresight Project is a unique global research & design endeavour to bridge technology foresight with skills anticipation to further benefit technology-driven sectors in developing countries. On the Russian side, the project is operated by the Education Development Centre at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The Skills Technology Foresight method designed is currently being piloted in the CIS & SEA as part of international technical assistance programmes.

Furthermore, 2013 featured a global foresight session offered to the World Skills International (WSI) Board of Directors' meeting in Moscow at the TK->Venue (aka “the Boiling Point”). A unique collective discussion featured numerous strategic issues touching upon areas of WSI interest & Russia's role as an emerging contributor to the global movement promoting excellence in vocational training.


“Russia Foresights” Project in 26 country’s regions (in partnership with the Russian Management Community). Foresight School Project
In 2012 the “Foresight Russia” event was held in partnership with the Russian Management Community (RMC) to involve 26 county’s regions.

As RMC came forward with an initiative promoting constructive agenda in Russia, a unique distributed foresight project was launched in Moscow & Russia’s regions at the same time. First, a conference in Moscow gathered 100 individuals from every corner of the country. As the image of the future of Russia was elaborated at the event in Moscow, it was further distributed across 26 regions. Then, as feedback from the regions was gathered, the joint map of the future of Russia was completed laying ground for the collective vision put into practice.

The project also well served the goal of integrating regional elites & NGOs into shaping Russia's development agenda (in particular, via the Russian Open Government Initiative).

In its turn, the “Foresight School” was a self-financed programme for emerging leaders selected during the “Foresight Russia” project. 50 individuals we were given practical tools on how to work with long-term horizons & technology foresight-based strategic planning.

2012 — 2014

SS “Foresight” 2012 Project: 320 participants
“Foresight Fleet” 2013 Project: 520 participants
Steamship “Foresight” 2012 was a unique inaugural project featuring 320 experts on a 7 day cell-phone free trip from Moscow along the Volga river. 4 major foresight sections (education, domestic tourism & cities foresights & the future of the Titanium Valley) were conducted.

“Foresight Fleet” 2013 further built capacity to feature 520 individuals from diverse backgrounds on the world's largest future-awareness building project. A 7-day trip across Russia’s North became the playground for 7 major foresights (Education, Skills, Preventive & Predictive Medicine, Public space and Urban Art, Industry & Technology, Business & Entrepreneurship foresights) & 5 specially designed strategic sessions with experts.


Foresight Fleet 2014: 250 participants
“Foresight Fleet” 2014 – The Far East, a weekly journey on Lena river, is a specialized project focused on the future scenarios creation and leadership team building for the Russian Far East. It is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Far East and regional administrations of Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Yakuti.

2010 — 2011

Rapid Foresight (RF) method elaborated, first RF-based foresights & pilot projects
We elaborated the Rapid Foresight (RF) method to support our decision-making as we were working with various education development horizons. While we were there, we realized that RF was a valuable tool for working with strategic horizons in various sectors. In 2011 we took the method through various sector applications: Youthtime International Movement, Russia’s leading environmental movement (ECA), Russia’s automotive industry foresights etc.

In its turn, Rapid Foresight-based Skills Foresight 2030 emerged to further cover 19 Russia’s industries.


Co-creation of new industry associations & research labs in Russia:
- Children’s Goods (in partnership with с IACPM)
- Neuroweb (in partnership with Rusventure)
- Preventive Medicine
Our foresights have triggered creation & rapid evolution of new communities of professionals:

• Children’s Goods R&D Community is built in partnership with the Russian Association of Children’s Products Manufacturers. As a result, a whole new industry with a strong educational component is being born in Russia.

• Neuroweb Lab is built in partnership with the Russian Venture company. The R&D project unites the researchers and innovators community to look at the application of neurotechnology for education and personal development purposes.

• Preventive & Predictive medicine Community focuses on promoting new approaches to healthcare looking at the model of predictive toolkits to fight diseases at the very early stages.


Families of new products based on the industry futures roadmaps
As a result of fostering innovation ecosystems for the 3 newly created industries (children’s goods; Neuroweb; prevmed), families of new products are being born based on the industry roadmaps.

We do not just stop at the stage of mapping project strategies, we dare to create new industries. We have launched specially designed programmes triggering coordination of existing & new start-ups producing families of new products. By doing that, we grow innovation ecosystems within new industries. We also enhance projects’ feasibility by bringing together government, civil society & business.


Russia’s Regions & Cities Foresight (pilot projects & franchising)
Rapid Foresight-based Russia’s regions / cities foresights were been launched to mobilize regional and urban elite & civil society activists to discuss the vision for future at the city level. The first session was held in 2011 in Akademgorodok, Siberia’s largest research centre. Later on, the sessions were held in other cities and regions (such as the Moscow region, Ekaterinburg, Republic of Bashkortostan, Khanty-Mansiysk, Yakutia etc.). These sessions were also conducted by the featured regional activists themselves who have acquired the RF-method through training.


Russian Technology Cities Foresight (10 cities)
Russian Technology Cities foresight featured Russia’s 10 key research & tech design capitals. In 2013, with the support of the administration of the Moscow Region, a set of foresight sessions were held to benefit the tech cities around Moscow (such as Zhukovsky, Puschino, Korolyov, Chernogolovka, etc.) to develop strategies for urban development & mobilize urban communities.