Global Education Futures Forum (GEFF)

is a international collaborative platform for the discussion of future of education. It is a practice-oriented global gathering of leaders who represent a wide range of groups holding stakes in the transforming world of education and learning, yet all sharing the vision of educational systems becoming more flexible, open, accessible, and capable of addressing human learning needs across different stages of life. Unlike the majority of international educational ‘conference’ events, GEFF is primarily designed as a co-creation and co-learning process aimed to generate transformative educational initiatives and start-ups across the globe. Its participants will represent key forces that are shaping the future of education, including national and transnational regulators, traditional educational institutions and new educational ventures, foundations and investors, research institutions and influential thinkers, NGOs and social movements, etc.

The first GEFF - West will take place in April 2015 in Silicon Valley in conjunction with the Global Technology Symposium followed by GEFF - East in the Fall of 2015 in Singapore. Both events will be preceded by the series of meetings by Advisory Boards on the content and the process of event. The first Global Education Futures Advisory Board meeting will happen in Moscow, Russia on October 13th, 2014, and the Board members will also act as panelists at the sister event Open Innovation Forum.

The primary operator of GEFF is Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, a world-class research institution co-founded by Skolkovo Foundation (Russia) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). RF Group serves as the initiative co-founder, and sets the initial context of the event with our Education Futures Global Agenda report.